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AtlantaIT manages the server hardware and guarantees delivery of your business applications to any Internet-connected computer:
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What is Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and why should I consider a managed server?

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (formerly Microsoft Terminal Services) delivers your business applications (and/or a complete Windows virtual desktop) from a central RDS server to any Internet-connected computer in the world. Because all of your business data is centralized onto one server instead of many user's different computers, your data is more secure, easier to backup and provides a central place for accurate real-time data to be shared to any authorized user.

The cost savings and immediate uptick in user productivity provided with AtlantaIT's managed server platforms are hard to ignore. As a small-business owner, IT hardware and support costs can be signficant. With AtlantaIT's fully managed solution, application delivery and virtualized remote desktops are delivered effortlessly, reliably and all for one low price that is a fraction of ownership.